How to record your presentation with OBS

Contact Paula Schneider if you need assistance

  1. Download and install OBS
    Download OBS
    • Choose optimize for local capture
    • When asked for video preferences -> click ok.
  2. Make sure your audio and video are switched on and are working.
  3. Check preferences (use this also for when audio and/or camera are not working)
  4. Click on Settings -> Output /Video. Choose MP4
  5. Next, you add sources for your presentation: your webcam (Video capture device) and the window containing your presentation (Window Capture).
    Video Capture Device

    • Click the + in ‘Sources’ (at the bottom of your OBS window)
    • Select Video Capture Device
    • OBS will ask you to create new or add existing. Just click on ok.
    • Choose your device (your webcam)
  6. Window Capture

    • Click at the + in ‘Sources’ (at the bottom of your OBS window)
    • Select Window Capture
    • OBS will ask you to create new or add existing -> click on ok.
    • Choose the document you would like to share

  7. Adjust the screen
    • You can resize and reposition your Window and Video captures with your mouse (drag and click)
    • Drag and click of mouse in combination with the alt-button (Option-button on a Mac) can adjust the shape of your presentation
  8. Click ‘Start Recording’ (on the right at the bottom of your OBS window)
  9. Important: It is best to have OBS and your presentation either:
    • Side by side
    • On different screens
    • Only show your presentation
  10. Give your presentation.
  11. Stop recording.

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