Thursday, October 1, 2020
14:00-18:00h CEST
The Science of Glaucoma and Molecular Pathophysiology
14:00-15:20 Session 1
14:00-14:10 Introduction
John Samples & Ernst Tamm & Simon Bakker
14:10-14:30 The trabecular meshwork and the impairment of outflow
Ernst Tamm
14:30-14:50 Genetics of outflow
Mary Wirtz
14:50-15:10 Outflow, collector channels and distal outflow
Murray Johnstone
15:10-15:20 Discussion
Moderator: John Samples
15:20-15:30 Break
15:30-16:40 Session 2
15:30-15:50 Trabecular intercellular communication
Kate Keller
15:50-16:10 Studies in zonal perfusion of the TM: What influences it
Janice Vranka
16:10-16:30 Development of the meshwork: What is the embryologic origin and what are the clinical implications, the mesodermal dysgenesis syndromes
Ernst Tamm
16:30-16:40 Discussion
Moderator: John Samples
16:40-16:50 Break
16:50-18:00 Session 3
16:50-17:10 Mitochondria and glaucomatous neurodegeneration
Miriam Kolko
17:10-17:30 Exfoliation
Ursula Schlötzer-Schrehardt
17:30-17:50 IOP homeostatic mechanisms
Dan Stamer
17:50-18:00 Discussion
Moderator: Ernst Tamm
Friday, October 2, 2020
13:40-18:20h CEST
The Science of Intraocular Pressure
13:40-15:20 Session 4
13:40-13:50 Introduction
John Samples, Ernst Tamm , Simon Bakker
13:50-14:10 The inner wall of Schlemm’s canal in glaucoma
Mark Johnson
14:10-14:30 Ocular rigidity and glaucoma
Cynthia Roberts
14:30-14:50 Outflow resistance distal to Schlemm’s
Dan Stamer
14:50-15:10 The subtleties of the narrow angle
Shan Lin
15:10-15:20 Discussion
Moderator: Ernst Tamm
15:20-15:50 Break
15:50-16:40 Session 5
15:50-16:10 OCT angiography and glaucoma
David Huang
16:10-16:30 Continuous IOP monitoring
Kaweh Mansouri
16:30-16:40 Discussion
Moderator: John Samples
16:40-16:50 Break
16:50-18:20 Session 6
16:50-17:10 The value of OCT and perils of interpretations
Hans Lemij
17:10-17:30 Glaucoma and intracranial pressure
Ingrida Januleviciene
17:30-17:50 How can we measure neuroprotection now and in the future?
Andrew Tatham
17:50-18:10 Corticosteroid induced glaucoma
Dan Stamer
18:10-18:20 Discussion
Moderator: John Samples
Saturday, October 3, 2020
13:00-18:00h CEST
Medications & Lasers
13:00-14:40 Session 7
13:00-13:10 Introduction
John Samples, Ernst Tamm , Simon Bakker
13:10-13:30 Methods of modulating outflow resistance
Nils Loewen
13:30-13:50 Glaucoma medications
Norbert Pfeiffer
13:50-14:10 Clinical advances with rho kinase inhibitors
Casey Kopczynski
14:10-14:30 New classes and treatments
John Samples
14:30-14:40 Discussion
Moderator: TBA
14:40-14:50 Break
14:50-15:10 Session 8
14:50-15:10 Therapeutic effects of Niacin and other nutritional remedies
Miriam Kolko
15.10-15.30 Decision to do glaucoma surgery
Ike Ahmed
15.30-15.50 Laser trabeculoplasty clinical parameters
John Samples
15.50-16.10 How does trabeculoplasty work?
Giorgio Dorin
16.10-16.20 Discussion
Moderator: Shan Lin
16.20-16.30 Break
16:10-18:00 Session 9
16.30-16.50 Future developments for the use of laser in glaucoma treatment
Giorgio Dorin
16.50-17.10 Cyclophotocoagulation
Shan Lin
17:10-17:30 Outflow resistance proximal and distal from Schlemm’s canal as it relates to surgery
Nils Loewen
17:30-17:50 Trabeculectomy within the spectrum of other filtration procedures
Franz Grehn
17:50-18:00 Discussion
Moderator: John Samples
Sunday, October 4, 2020
13:00-18:20h CEST
Glaucoma Surgery
13:00-14:00 Session 10
13:00-13:10 Introduction
John Samples & Ernst Tamm
13.10-13.30 Types of MIGS, pros and cons of each
Ike Ahmed
13.30-13.50 Anatomical considerations for MIGS
Nils Loewen
13.50-14.00 Discussion
Moderator: John Samples
14.00-14.30 Break
14.30-15.20 Session 11
14.30-14.50 Specifications for glaucoma surgical studies
Tony Fea
14.50-15.10 Canal based surgery
Nils Loewen
15.10-15.20 Discussion
Moderator: TBA
15.20-15.30 Break
15.30-16.40 Session 12
15.30-15.50 The future of glaucoma therapy: tubes and shunts
Esther Hoffmann
15.50-16.10 Suprachoroidal Shunts
Steven Vold
16.10-16.30 XEN: past and present
Vanessa Vera
16.30-16.40 Discussion
Moderator: John Samples
16.40-16.50 Break
16.50 18.20 Session 13
16.50 17.10 GATT
Ron Fellman
17.10 17.30 The future of glaucoma therapy: pressure
Dan Stamer
17.30 17.50 The future of glaucoma therapy: surgery
Hagen Thieme
17.50 18.10 The future of glaucoma therapy: summary
Ernst Tamm
18.10 18.20 Discussion
Moderator: Ernst Tamm

Learning objectives

  • Improve your ability to treat glaucoma based on new research findings, drug and device development(s).
  • Introduce newest techniques, how it could affect previous best practices
  • Identify newest research and future directions
  • Updates on MIGS
  • Updates on newest and pipeline drugs and their underlying modes of action
  • Learn about the newest, often unpublished trabecular meshwork, optic nerve, uveal scleral & other outflow research
  • Discuss the implications of this new research on Glaucoma drug and device development
  • Promote increased opportunities for collaborative scientific research and publications, provide a collegial environment and encourage new investigators

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