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Giorgio Dorin has been devoted to the development of clinical laser systems for the treatment of glaucoma, retinal, and refractive disorders since 1969. In 1983, in recognition of his contributions to the ocular applications of lasers, he was awarded with the Honorary Membership by the Italian Society of Laser in Ophthalmology (S.I.L.O.). During the past two decades, he has developed micropulse laser emission techniques to master the control of the photothermal effects during ocular laser treatments, to the end of minimizing and avoiding the treatment’s iatrogenic damage and collateral complications, while maintaining and optimizing both clinical outcomes and therapeutic benefits. He has pioneered the clinical use of sub-visible-threshold nondamaging micropulse laser procedures for the treatment of retinovascular disorders and glaucoma. This has led to new subthreshold laser micropulse photostimulation (SLMP) treatment protocols that have been fine-tuned in pilot studies and validated in prospective randomized clinical trials, which have provided the evidence that SLMP is at least as effective as the conventional destructive threshold laser photocoagulation and can result in superior outcomes and unprecedented functional benefits thanks to the absence of the treatment’s morphologic and functional damage. This evidence is now leading a pivotal swing from laser photocoagulation to laser photostimulation, a seminal paradigm-shift with intrinsic unprecedented safety profile and benefit-to-risk ratio. He is now advocating the ban of destructive photocoagulation and the use of photostimulation for the treatment of ocular chronic degenerative progressive neurotrophic disorders. He has been granted three patents on sub-threshold laser applications by the US Patent Office, has authored/coauthored numerous publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, has contributed with chapters in ophthalmology books, and has presented posters and given podium presentations at ophthalmology meetings, congresses, and courses throughout the world. He is currently serving as the Senior Development Scientist and COO for ALeyeGN Technologies, Saratoga, CA, USA.

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