Welcome to AGRCS2020 ONLINE

Hello and welcome! Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to organise AGRCS2020 completely online this year; but the good news for you is that registration for this 2020 Online edition is completely free. There is only a limited amount of tickets available, so make sure you register and get your tickets!

We have carved out an exciting program of four afternoons, with a total of 15 sessions and approximately 60 talks! Every session will be followed by questions and answers and panel discussions. Each day of our program has it’s own theme:

October 1:
Science of Glaucoma and Molecular Pathophysiology

October 2:
The Science of Intraocular Pressure

October 3:
Medications & Lasers in Glaucoma

October 4:
Glaucoma Surgery

Please join us online on October 1-4, with a daily program from approx. 13.00-18.30 CEST (Central European Summer Time).

AGRCS2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped priorities world-wide and organizing a meeting became rather futile. When things settled down a bit, we were in doubt. Should we skip this year or, as many other congresses, move our meeting to cyberspace? With a successful first meeting still fresh in our memory, we decided first to move our meeting to 2021 as we felt we could not deliver the same quality meeting online. After a lot of deliberations our opinions shifted. After a while, we did feel we could add something to the table of online meetings with our specific meeting program and dedicated group of speakers.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and join us online!

John R. Samples – congress co-chair
Ernst Tamm – congress co-chair
Simon Bakker, congress organizer

Join us online on October 1-4, 2020!
Four afternoons, 15 sessions and 60 talks!
Only limited amount of tickets available
Register now! It's Free!

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